December 23, 2016

Our Engagement

  • The Lady's Version

    . . . yes he did . . . ON HIS KNEES . . . and I said YES

    It was on a cold and calm evening in Bamenda-Cameroon as I visited my uncle's family during my vacation. I had spent the night there and was on my way to see my grandma when I noticed  this lady and gentleman walk in and my uncle's kids were screaming and happy to see them. 


    In the meantime, I was chatting with this little cousin of mine, when we were both introduced. My uncle together with the gentleman (Gerard) dropped me at grandma's place. She was happy to see us and while we were chatting, uncle took permission from her to take me out (Little did I know what was happening behind my back). I was so surprised but was glad to hang out. 


    We went out and had some drinks. Gerard and I became friends and we exchanged numbers. They dropped me home after spending time out. The next day he went back to Bafoussam, where he worked and I to Douala. 


    We texted each other very often and stayed very much in touch as he also visited me in Douala. The communication grew stronger and we started dating. We visited each other often and the bond grew stronger and stronger as the days, weeks, and months   passed-by. 


    On the 26th of December 2015, he was in Douala and we went out to spend some time together. In the mist of the fun, I just noticed he was going down on his knee. I got so confused and could not imagine what was going on. I tried lifting him up to no avail. He went on his knee and proposed to me. Tears ran down my eyes as he placed the ring while I said YES. 


    My Sweety (as we call ourselves) I thank God for bringing you into my life. Know that I will love you for ever in joy or pain with God our helper till death do us part.


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  • The Guy's Perspective

    2 versions......1 happy End

    I met my Sweety at her uncle’s place in Bamenda. This uncle was married to my cousin Claudette who invited me over for the weekend. I got home that night with a colleague of mine and went into the living room. There she was, holding my baby niece in her arms. Those beautiful curves caught me off guard. I lost my cool. My nephew and niece were all jumping all over me but that was not enough distraction from this African queen.


    She said “hello” and I just stood speechless in front of this beauty. I walked to her, just took the baby off her arms and walked away still dumbfounded.


    She planned to spend the night at her grandma’s place so I offered to give her a ride accompanied by her uncle. At her grandma’s place, it was wonderful to see the love they had for each other. I gazed at her for 5 good minutes and could not resist the beauty and happiness in her eyes. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and that was exactly the case here.

    Her eyes mesmerized me while sitting and watching her talk. From that moment I knew she would be special to me.


    Later that same night we all went out with uncle Gody to a bar. I managed to find my speech and sat close to her and had a little chit chat. Actually I wanted to tell her more than was allowed on a first meet. The previous 2 years had been just studies and I was a little rusty with flirting with my dream girl.

    Somehow I got my flow and we exchanged not only words but also phone numbers.


    After that night, we texted each other regularly till we met again 2 weeks later in Douala. We went out for dinner and met friends later at the club. We talked, danced all night and the whole time I had this weird feeling. OMG – I think I am in love. It was her or nobody. She also reciprocated my feelings and from then on, we had this special connection. I drove her home that night and she kissed me for the 1st time (although she will tell you I was the one who kissed her) It was so graceful as she looked into my eyes and took my breath away.

    We dated for several months and I was and still am the happiest man on earth as she said YES after I asked her to become my wife on 26th December 2015.

    Looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.

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